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Hello I'm Brunch!

Hello fellow internetee, my name is Brunch.

Whoever you are, it is a pleasure to meet you! Oh.. you want to know about me? WELL! I haven't got much going for me but let me tell you.. I am a self certified professional weirdo, and proud owner of a moderation bot called "MO" on Guilded.

I rarely stream on twitch, but I do make/can make content.. when I can be bothered..I have many talents, i can mine.. and craft.. and mine.. and craft, wait that sounds familiar... kind of like a game? AH yes, gaming, I play games like minecraft, call of duty, valorant, sims 4, city skylines 1 and 2, and EGG.. yes Egg. Speaking of eggs, I enjoy baking cakes and muffins, I guess ITS MUFFIN TIME! wait that isn't right.. I like trains! NEEOOOOWWWM, get it? trains go fast- I also like to go fast, but on a motorbike! yessir/ma'am! I own a motorbike too! a lexmotor lxs 125, beautiful little thing, not FAST fast but still got plenty of vroom. 

Well that is enough about me! Tell me about yourself in my guilded server! Scroll and check it out!

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Join my Guilded server today!

Come hang out in the treehouse, where I do most of my thinking. We have cookies, games, memes and more!

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